Are You a Busy Parent? Take Advantage of These 7 Time Management Apps

Busy Parent

If you have two or more kids, it often feels extremely overwhelming to manage time. The pile of laundry keeps rising, the work deadlines keep coming closer, and children’s homework and home chores are a never-ending story. Even eating dinner in peace becomes a challenge!

Need help to organize and manage better? Time-management apps can help you a lot! You can be more productive and effective whilst utilizing your time as parents.

You can improve your life if you successfully combine better time management with engaged parenting.

Instead of making your kids watch rhymes and cartoons online with your unlimited high-speed internet, dangerously increasing their screen time, it’s time you do better things with your internet service.

And it will also help to improve your time management. Feel less stressed and manage your home, work, and kids more effectively. Let’s talk about time management apps in detail. Top 7 Time Management Apps Designed For Busy Parents.

  1. Cozi Family Organizer.
  2. do To-do List and Task List.
  3. Chore Pad HD.
  4. Forest – Stay Focused.
  5. Parenting Hero.
  6. Evernote
  7. Choice work

Let’s discuss these apps in some detail.


Choiceworks is a great platform for kids to get help regarding executive functioning. They can explore topics using this app, for instance, schedules, feelings, waiting, and so on. They can use checklists, pictures, storyboards, and so on.

Kids can also use a good variety of skills such as making schedules for various activities. These activities are everyday stuff such as going to bed, getting dressed, and so on.

Kids learn to manage better and practice waiting by using activity choices and timer. This creative app also allows them to explore their feelings. They learn to handle their routines and waiting more easily.

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Cozi Family Organizer

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a must-have organizer for the families. It makes communication and coordination of activities and schedules easy.

You get to take care of regular tasks such as tracking grocery lists, managing to-do-lists, planning ahead for dinner, and so on. It helps in keeping the entire family on the same page.

The color-calendar that this app has allows you to see the entire family at once. You also have the option of filtering individuals.

Regular reminders help in keeping everyone on track and ensures that no one misses an important event or appointment. Cozi Today features everything that is scheduled for the day to make all the info easier to digest and follow.

You get to be updated about upcoming appointments, to-do chores, and recent items added to the shopping lists. Cozi Family Calendar and Lists allow you to keep a busy family informed and connected on the go. To-do List and Task List

Listing tasks has never been easier. You get to organize all your activities and to-do-lists using this app. You can color tag them to set them as priorities in different categories.

Parents can effectively boost their management and productivity using the subtasks, notes, and attachments in this app. you can get a lot done using assigned tasks and shared lists. You can be more efficient with your time management by using the to-do lists.

Chore Pad HD

It is a powerful and fun tool to motivate your kids to complete their tasks on time. Chore Pad HD is an all-encompassing tool with chore-charts to facilitate you.

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It is comprehensive and motivational. If you want to create harmony in your house regarding all house chores, you need to get your hands on this app.

You will be able to raise responsible kids by assigning chores to your children and teens. This app provides a rewards system for the tasks done on time. The system of bonus starts and penalty stars will help you make your children more disciplined.

Forest – Stay Focused

Want better focus at work? This is the app for you! The app comes with interesting features to assist you better in your time management.

Once you start a particular task, you plant a seed and it will grow into a tree whilst you spend time on your work. If you leave your work in the middle, you will kill your tree. This interesting app keeps you focus strong.

Parenting Hero

Another great app that features advice and tips from Julie King and Joanna Faber, two internationally acclaimed pros on communication between children and adults.

As the name indicates, the app makes you a parenting hero by improving your relationship with children more fulfilling and rewarding. Enhance your experience of family life remarkably and experienced lowered stress levels with this incredible app.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Evernote the best productivity app! It assists immensely in activities like note-taking, archiving as well as organizing your work, and creating task lists.

Users are allowed to create notes in web format, formatted text; pictures ink notes, and audio format. Evernote facilitates you with tagging, sorting, editing, annotation, searching, exporting, and so on. You can even upload notes on the cloud using it.

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I was considering complaining about various issues I was facing with my internet before I got in touch with Cox customer care. I had a note with all the issues my internet has jotted down in Evernote. It helped a lot!

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