30 Educating and Entertainment TV Shows for Kids

TV Shows for Kids

Are you in search of something to keep your children entertained? TV shows for kids are here for you. They are entertaining, educative, and even better than they used to be.

Besides, what easier way is there to keep them seated and focused?

Thanks to streaming services, it is easier to find kid-friendly series for them. Nonetheless, it can be a bit tricky deciding which to watch.

Here are some of the TV shows that your kids will love.

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For little kids

  • Peppa pig

The show is about Peppa, a female pig, her family, and her friends. She participates in so many activities, learning something new in every episode.

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  • Molly of Denali

In this series, Molly Mabray helps to run the Denali post with her family. She goes on so many exciting adventures with her friends like; ice-fishing and volcano-watching. The series was made by screenwriters and producers from Alaska, making it the first of its kind.

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  • Duck tales

Disney’s duck tales first premiered in 1987. Now, it is made with an updated style, and it focuses on the adventures of Scrooge.

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  • Green eggs and ham

An extension of Dr. Seuss’ classic, this 13-episode series takes you deeper into the exciting world of Sam I Am.

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  • Powerbirds

This animated series features two siblings, Ace and Polly, and their superhero adventures while keeping their city safe.

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  • Arthur

Based on Mac Brown’s books, Arthur is a series that aims at developing in young children, interest in reading and writing. It also encourages social skills and teaches problem-solving strategies.

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  • Charlie and Lola

This animation centers around Charlie and his 4-year-old sister, Lola. Charlie is always teaching Lola new things, from getting new items to getting a haircut. This series teaches kids about family and social values.

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  • Dino Dana

Dana is a 9-year-old girl who is passionate about dinosaurs. She is given a Dino guide that brings her images of the creatures to life. Learn incredible new things with Dana and her dinosaurs.

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  • Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins is a 6-year-old girl that has the unique ability to communicate and heal toys. With her toy friends, Doc runs a tough clinic for her toys and stuffed animals.

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  • Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is about Nancy, a 6-year old girl who likes to be fancy and creative in everything she does.

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  • PJ masks

Kids love superheroes. So what could be better than watching children turn to one? PJ masks is a series that takes kids into the world of Connor, Amaya, and Greg. These kids turn to superheroes when they put on their pajamas and do amazing things with their alter egos.

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  • Blue’s clues and you

Join Josh as he follows the clues left by his dog, blue, to solve puzzles.

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  • My Little pony

My Little pony centers around Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They help others in Equestria while solving problems that arise in their friendship.

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  • Mickey mouse mixed-up adventures

If you are looking for one of the best TV shows for kids, Mickey mouse is one of them. Stemming from the roots of Disney, Mickey mouse has always been a fascinating cartoon for little ones. In mixed-up adventures, Mickey mouse, leader of sensational six, takes his friends on thrilling races worldwide.

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  • Clifford the big red dog

Emily’s dog, Clifford, is a larger-than-life dog whom everyone loves. Gear up and join the duo as they go on exciting adventures on Birdwell Island.

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  • Sesame Street

This is an old favorite of children and adults alike. It is a fun program that bridges cultural gaps while teaching peaceful coexistence.

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  • Dora the explorer

Dora is a bold and curious 8-year-old girl. She embarks on trips with her Monkey best friend Boots to find whatever interests her. To get to her destination, she has to pass through hurdles, including “swiper,” who swipe people’s things.

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  • Thomas and friends

Thomas is a tank engine who lives with his fellow locomotives on the island of Sodor. Here, every locomotive has unique characteristics and specific jobs. However, little Thomas always tries to do things that should be left for bigger engines.

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  • Let’s go, Luna!

This follows the adventures of three friends- a wombat, a butterfly, and a frog. Luna, the moon guides them as they visit new places with their parents’ performance troupe.

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  • TOTS- Tiny Ones Transport Service

TOTS is about birds who bring newborn babies to their parents. It is a fun-filled comedy series your kids cannot afford to miss.

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  • Bluey

Bluey is the enthusiastic puppy who goes on hilarious adventures with Bingo, her younger sister.

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  • Abby Hatcher

A 7-year-old girl moves to a hotel where she discovers fascinating creatures called the fuzzlies. She spends her time helping them while trying to keep them out of trouble.

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  • Helpsters

From the makers of Sesame Street, helpsters is another fabulous series. Here, a vibrant monster team helps to solve problems for others.

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  • Mira, the royal detective

Mira, a regular girl, is appointed royal detective. Now, she can help solve crimes within the palace along with her mongoose friends. This animation teaches basic problem-solving skills.

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  • Pinkalicious and Peterrific

Pinkalicious is a creative girl who sees the world from a different perspective. Together with her brother Peter, they do so many exciting and innovative things.

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  • Go! Go! Cory Carson

Join adorable kid car Cory as he explores the winding road of Bumperton hills.

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  • Lego City adventures

With so many things going on in LEGO city, Seargent Dike deTain is always busy. Follow the cops and other yellow citizens as they go on adventures around town.

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  • Ask the storybots

The story bots are five curious little creatures, Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo, who travel to the human world to answer kids’ questions.

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  • Norman Picklestripes

Norman is a green bear-like creature who possesses skills that he uses to fix his friends’ mistakes. Being the son of mother nature, he can solve just about anything in the forest.

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For older kids

  • Dragon rescue kids

DreamWorks has been known for producing the best TV shows for kids. Dragon rescue riders is another one of their creation. Here, Twin Dak and Leyla spend their time rescuing dragons.

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  • Troll hunters

A young boy discovers a war between two toll groups beneath his hometown! He also discovers a magic amulet and sets off on adventures he had never imagined!

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  • Odd squad

Odd squad follows Olive and Otto, two young agents. They are part of an agency that saves the day when odd things happen. The series involves using mathematical concepts to solve problems.

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  • Chasing monsters

Cyril Chanquet is a brave adventurer who takes us on a mission to find underwater creatures in different parts of our planet! Chasing monsters explores the fantastic world of dishes hidden in the waters’ depth.

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  • Pick of the litter

This is a heartwarming documentary about the training process of puppies. The documentary walks us through the time, effort, and sacrifice involved in training dogs. It also gives an insight into the challenge that some people deal with regularly.

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  • Garfield and friends

Remember Garfield? This has always been one of the best TV shows for kids and adults. Featuring Garfield, a lazy and sassy cat, his owner, Jon, and a dog Oddie, the series takes you on a hilarious ride!

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  • Spirit riding free: riding Academy

Lucky forms a tight bond with a wild horse in a small town while having fun with her best friends. Sequel to PALs, riding academy takes children on adventures at a boarding school.

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  • Fast and furious: Spy racers

A government agency recruits a group of teenagers to infiltrate a racing league controlled by an infamous gang.

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  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Six teenagers invited to the art camp on Isla Nubar must stay together to survive when dinosaurs break out of captivity. This animated science fiction series combines action and survival.

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  • Boss baby

Simply hilarious, Boss baby takes kids into Baby Corp, a company that makes babies.

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  • Diary of a future president

Elena Canero Reed is a teenage girl who embarks on the journey to become the president. The show touches on issues like difficult emotions and stress and suggests ways of dealing with them.

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  • Star wars

This popular series is one of children’s favorite. With space battles and lightsaber duels, the intense action show is a worldwide phenomenon.

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  • Ghostwriter

With the help of a ghost, a group of kids solves local crimes and mysteries in their neighborhood.

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  • Lego masters

In Lego masters, two teams compete to build the best construction projects with nothing but LEGO bricks.

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  • Just roll with it

This American comedy series features The Bennet and The Blatt as they adapt to their new family. Featuring hilarious characters, the show touches on important family and societal values.

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  • DC superhero girls

Created by Warner Bros, DC superhero girls tell the stories of female heroes who deal with complications regarding their identities.

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  • Our planet

From the deserts and wilderness to the oceans and seas, learn more about the earth and its diversity from this documentary.

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  • Black-ish

We see the lives of the Johnsons, an African American family. The show delves into their family life, social values, and cultural background.

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  • Top Chef Jr

Watch talented young cooks as they compete in challenges that test their culinary skills and determination.

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  • The Mandalorian

After Jango and Boba Fett, a new warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. Follow the adventures of the gunfighter in the outer reaches of the Galaxy.

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The takeaway

Who says you can’t join your child on a cozy couch to watch a few episodes of some amazing shows? So, get your popcorn, sit back, have your children snuggle close to you, and have a blast!

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